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THe Schedule

-Thursday, Jan 15 2015-

Okay, I've had it. THis monday,wednesday,friday schedule hasn't worked for me since I started this series. I've decided to update on tuesdays & thursdays(because I always ended posting on those days anyway).

It's difficult to update on mondays. For me, anyway. So here's to a better laid-out new year, everyone!

Going strong

-Wednesday, Jan 07 2015-

Ever since the start of the new year I've been having a ball! I've already written out plenty of material for the coming pages and done a ton of technical work for the website. Everything should be running faster now.

I'm really hopeful that this year will mark plenty of milestones for the epic level comic.

Merry Christmas!

-Wednesday, Dec 24 2014-

Since It's christmas time I won't be updating again until after new years. But I thought I'd go ahead and wish everyone: a merry christmas!

The new year will no doubt bring in some great changes to the Epic Level Comic. Some of which I am already at work on.

Have fun until then, everyone!

Steady as she goes

-Friday, Dec 05 2014-

Turns out drawing a page a day for this comic is too much of a strain. Each page takes me almost a whole day to complete. I will still try to have one up every day except weekends.

If there isn't an update on a certain day then check back tomorrow as I am probably just over-buffered.

Ever Improving!

-Tuesday, Dec 02 2014-

I know November was a rather lack-luster month for this comic. But I've been really experimenting with what will and won't work with my art style and I've arrived at a better place.

There is a new page up now, and there will be more because for the whole month of december I intend to kick out page after page every day. Defying my schedule.

Merry Christmas!

Revisions & Recoding

-Monday, Nov 03 2014-

If I have a good workflow going I can always count on halloween to mess that up. THis time of year affects my mind in a funny way. That is my excuse for no updates the past 6 days.

Anyway, Happy belated halloween!

Unannounced Hiatus

-Monday, Oct 06 2014-

After having been busy with other things in my life, I'm happy to be able to resume the story. I apologize for the unannounced waiting period at the end of september.

Upgrade heaven, Go!

-Friday, Sep 19 2014-

Aside from upgrades I've made to my comic building software, I've also added a sophisticated custom avatar system to the site.

It's in prototype stage at the moment and it doesn't serve an actual purpose, but I think it's neat and it will have a greater purpose here as time goes on.

Anyway, back to writing.

A new Start

-Tuesday, Sep 02 2014-

I finally have everything pretty much cleaned up around here with the exception of the comic archive itself which should be pretty easy to automate.

I was thinking about changing the update schedule to tuesdays, thursdays & saturdays because I always seem to be held up on monday till tuesday.

I'm still not sure about that. I'll let you know in a couple of pages.

Thread wipe

-Friday, August 29th 2014-

I finally have the site's data format organized the way I want it. I am very happy with this new upgrade. The only downside is that I had to completely scrub the comment system which means that any comment posted before today is gone.

This is because of the incompatibility between the old system and this one. The good news is that I won't need to do a wipe like this again. EVER! The new streamlined system makes it so I can add or take away data from the interpreter as needed.

Also, appologies for not updating with a comic. I've been doing some serious coding so I'll make it up to you next week.

Account System? Woah!

-Tuesday, August 26th 2014-

Okay. The site officially has a fully functional account system set up. It doesn't really do anything right now other than display your name and keep track of your activity.

I'm really tired right now so I guess functionality will come tomorrow, though I do think that will be the easy part.

The show must go on

-Tuesday, August 19th 2014-

It has been an epic level week for the epic level comic. I've spent a lot of time outlining the story, designing some software, and fixing glitches around the website. Overall, it's been tiresome but fun.

I'm really trying not to rush the story, because if I do that then it won't be what it should be.

Speaking of story, I'm rather proud of the most recent pages. They took a lot of time to develop. I'm trying to amp up the quality-speed ratio of the comic writing process.

Code, Code, & More Code

-Friday, August 8th 2014-

I've been using every spare moment to refine my story outline so that I can produce pages faster. I usually feel better when I have something prepared in advance rather than adapting situational humor on the fly(though to be honest, that can sometimes be great fun.)

Also, if I don't update on schedule or I update the comic OUT of schedule then just try to bear with me. I'm going to go on a bit of a writing marathon over the next few weeks to make up for the programming & technical marathon I just came out of.

Okay, so, chat boxes

-Thursday, July 31st 2014-

Yes! You can now comment on any page in the comic. Each page has it's own data array so you can make unique comments for each issue. Though, if anyone is caught spamming or misusing the system, I'll ban their core system address from this server.

(That's the important one, not the temporary one for anyone wondering.)

We're live!

-Tuesday, July 29th 2014-

Hey there! Welcome to The Epic Level Comic, an ongoing adventure/comedy series I'm currently writing. Who am I? My name is Joshua Adams and I'll be putting up new pages at a monday/wednesday/friday rate.

I may actually defy that schedule for the first few days and put up a page a day. Though I doubt I'll spend much time at work on the weekends.

Anyway, welcome and enjoy the story.

The name issue

-Thursday, July 24th 2014-

I had to change the name of the comic because Epic pixel was taken by a group of independant game developers for iOS and Android. I decided to dub my comic thus: The Epic Level Comic. It's simple, straight forward, and I think anyone who knows RPG's will get the meaning.

So it begins...

-Thursday, July 24th 2014-

I purchased the website today. It's unfinished but I thought I'd go ahead and put it up, because it's practically ready anyway. Just a few more additions and this will be a fully realized webcomic/blog.

I know the blog aspect is a little hazy and there are no comment systems set up yet, but there will be.