Indefinite Hiatus

-Tuesday, Jan 26 2016-

I figure somebody's figured this out by now, but this project is on an indefinite hiatus for the foresee-able future.

I'm not unhappy with this project, but I am currently exploring other things, and I want to leave this door open. I may yet finish this story, but i have no idea where I'd go with it.

For now, anything I do will be up at the exousian site.


-Wednesday, Jun 10 2015-

Okay, I'm sure you're wondering where I went in May. I admit that going a whole month without so much as a post is unacceptable in the webcomic world. least it would be if my absence didn't give me time to really mull over the epic level comic before forging on.

Looking back now, I realize that I have only truly conveyed a small part of my greater vision for this series, and what I have conveyed has been poorly written in places and somewhat disorganized at times.

I do not regret a single page in this series thus far, in fact it's great, but I am taking greater care than i did before with the plot and the characters' personalities now that I've had time to step back and analyze my work with a cleaner eye.

I suppose that this will just have to be one of those series' that starts out okay, but gets better as you read into it.

...And I'm okay with that.

Fire & Sword

-Thursday, Apr 30 2015-

The nature of the art style I'm using makes it so that I can use extremely abstract visuals and yet still inject a feeling of normality into them. So, I can draw a very very abnormal-looking barracks and it still feels like a real barracks somehow.

Why am I rambling about abstract art styles you ask? I dunno. A wizard did it.

So, I've recently taken the liberty of adding BBS support to the site, and as an example of what it does here's a look at what the righteous warrior and the primary villain look like when they've lost their perspective:

(The Perspective pun was intended!)

Miles & Milestones

-Friday, Mar 27 2015-

The epic Level Comic turns 50 today(50 pages, that is). Considering the scale of this project, I feel like I've really accomplished something here. And just think! Only 50 MORE pages until we hit the big 100!

Anyway, round numbers aside, we've arrived at the end of the first(more typical) story arc and entered into the beginning of my favorite, more unpredictable story arc.

So stay tuned! This story is just getting started.

Major upgrade!

-Saturday, Feb 21 2015-

A new look for a new outlook! I've decided to really amp things up around here, starting with the web design. All your old accounts and information are still here and everything. The only change is to the aesthetics of the site as well as the layout.

I spent quite a long while on this design. Feel free to give feedback on it when you read my latest pages. I really want to know what you guys think.

You can Expect even more updates in the days to come! We're just getting started and I'm already having a blast!

Piles o' Snow!

-Tuesday, Feb 17 2015-

Anyone who's been watching the news knows what the weather has been doing lately. The snowfall is making it difficult for a lot of people to leave their houses, or in my case, use satellite internet.

In other news, I'm rather happy with this schedule, which I've managed to keep to since I started it back in january.

As they say: Onward!

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